Monday 23 March 2015

Warrington Choral Society and Orchestra

I went to the concert performed by the Warrington Choral Society and Orchestra yesterday evening and what a delight it was. I have to admit that I was not familiar with the music but the choice of Lenten music managed to be both powerful and charming.  The Society has only being up and running for about eighteen months, so full marks to Michael Wynne, its founder and Director and a special mention for the First Violin - Matthew Fields, I think -  for the solo during the Rosary Sonatas, though the standard throughout was very high. We listened to:

Buxtehude: Jesu meines Lebens Leben
Biber: Rosary Sonatas. Sorrowful Mysteries
Schutz: Die seben letzen Worte Jesu

The music was enhanced by the beautiful setting of St Mary's Church in Warrington town centre. Formerly a Benedictine parish but now being looked after by the Archdiocese. In a side note, I'm glad that the parish priest there follows my own line of thinking  - that church's don't have to be cold. The heating system was obviously in full working order and made for a comfortable visit, even in this big church. Like quite a few others, I had taken a warm coat with me, expecting the usual freezing ecclesial edifice - they were all shed pretty quickly!

A closer view of the High Altar.

There is also a charming side chapel dedicated to the English Martyrs.

A detail of the English Martyrs.

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