Tuesday, 17 March 2015

A.W. Pugin Church of Our Lady and St Wilfrid

The church little church of Our Lady and St Wilfrid at Warwick Bridge just outside Carlisle is making a bid for Heritage Lottery Funding and is setting up a Friends Group. It is a beautiful little church, still in use. It is part of the parish of Our Lady of Eden. I assisted at Mass there last year. There are a few further photographs here.  

A group of parishioners has formed a Repairs & Fabric Committee with the aim of making a bid to the Heritage Lottery Fund in order to restore this beautiful Augustus Pugin church. We have no way of knowing at this stage how successful we might be, but part of the process asks us to demonstrate our community links and with that in view we wish to establish a Friends of the Church group. This is not a new idea, and indeed the formation of the group will not be tied to the restoration only. We have the support of Our Lady of Eden Parish, the Diocese and Wetheral Parish Council.

There will be different sorts of Friends, but all in one group:

-  Those who wish to show solidarity but due to age, time or distance can do little more.
-  Those prepared to assist in particular tasks.
-  Those prepared to offer specialist advice.
- Anyone who wishes to support the community & congregation in keeping this unique church open and in good condition.
-  Parish, village councils; societies & historical groups.

The sort of tasks the Friends will be able to assist with:

-  Opening the church to the public on Saturdays.
-  Assisting our gardener to keep the gardens under control.
-  Assist in fundraising.
-  Learning about the church in order to become a guide for visitors.
-  Research on the history of the church.

Website; Newsletter: it is the intention to keep the Friends informed of developments and news. 

Please register your approval by joining the Friends:

To register please send your address, email address and phone number to:
Friends of the Church, The Rectory, Warwick Square, Carlisle CA1 1LB 
01228 521509 

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Sixupman said...

I was a regular attender at St Wilfrid's when Fr. Francis Vidal ISB was PP. He "retired" to the Benedictines at Leyland and had to be restrained from riding his motorcycle in old age. He was also a rugby fan. [Much like my late friend Fr. Michael Crowdy who in his nineties travelled miles to execute his ministry on his motorbyke.]

St. Wilfrid's was traditionally served by OSB clergy and there was also an 'enclosed' convent in the village - overlooking the River Eden. Interestingly, come Vatican II, presumably from the family who had originally endowed the church, it was mandated that the "Old Mass" should be Celebrated at least once a year.

As a child I was brought up in the Our Lady & St. Joseph parish Carlisle and owe my perseverance with Catholicism with the clergy who served there.

It is good to see that the "Old Mass" is now Celebrated more widely in the Carlisle area. One PP refused to have such in Our Lady & St. Joseph's.

Fr. Watson a cleric of the first class.