Saturday 20 January 2018

Candlemass in London

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This looks rather fun. 
Candlemass is such a lovely ritual,
wish I could be there but will be having something rather lower in key here in Farington.

Saturday 6 January 2018

Launch of a new Degree Course in the Catholic Educational world

The Chavagnes Studium is organising a launch event in London for its new Liberal arts degree programme, in collaboration with ICES, the Catholic university of the Vendée, and the Catholic University of Lublin. Presentations by Ferdi McDermott, Professor Anthony O'Hear OBE, Dr Thomas E Conlon, Fr Mark Lawler, drinks, and then an opportunity to stay on for a convivial pub dinner. (Those who stay for dinner, from about 7.30pm, will need to "chip in".) 

Please do come along if you are interested in this exciting new development in Catholic academia; especially if you are a journalist or a potential student!

Tuesday 16th January 6pm - 8pm

The Mitre Lancaster Gate
24 Craven Terrace, W2 3QH London, United Kingdom


On the site of a 13th century Benedictine priory, in a small French town in the Vendée, Chavagnes International College is the continuation of a junior seminary founded by the Venerable Louis Marie Baudouin in 1802 and granted a royal charter by King Charles X in 1826.

It has been delivering a general academic programme to boys aged 11-18 through the medium of English since 2002 and has successfully prepared boys for entrance to Oxford, Cambridge and other prestigious universities in Europe and America.  The Chavagnes Studium is a centre for research and study of the Liberal Arts in the Catholic tradition and has organised regular conferences and courses since 2009.

From September 2018 we will be offering a BA degree in the Liberal Arts, with French language and literature, provides an unprecedented opportunity for young people in Europe to study the Liberal Arts in the Catholic tradition.

The Chavagnes Studium has developed this new degree programme in partnership with ICES (,  the Catholic university of the Vendée, and is also assisted in academic questions by a distinguished International Advisory Board.

Chavagnes International College is a not-for-profit organisation under French law (Association de la Loi de 1901), founded in 2001. The Diocesan Bishop, Monseigneur Alain Castet and the Diocesan Director of Catholic Education are both members of the Board. A separate governing body (Association de la Loi de 1901) has recently been created for the Studium, in order to comply with the requirements of civil and canon law.

The College (including both the School and the Studium) is also supported by the Cardinal Allen Trust, a UK registered charity (No. 1139044), founded in 2010 to foster the development of the Catholic education apostolate at Chavagnes.

The Chavagnes Studium Liberal Arts with French degree is offered through our partner ICES, Institut Catholique d’Etudes Supérieures: Catholic University of the Vendée.