Tuesday 10 March 2015

Cardinal Burke offering Low Mass

Some further photos from Sunday's Mass at the Shrine of Ss Peter and Paul & St Philomena in New Brighton on the  Wirral.  My thanks to Nike Barnsdall for allowing me to use his photographs (they are copyright to him).

 With Canon Montjean, Director of the Shrine.

 Entering the church.

 Blessing the crowds.

 Prayers on arrival at the sanctuary.

 The vesting.

 Prayers at the foot of the altar.

 The Collect.

 The Gospel.

 The Homily.


 Holy Communion.

 The Blessing.

 Being assisted out of the Mass vestments.

 The Cardinal pauses to greet a member of the congregation.


But only out into the rain...

Here is a link to the Cardinal's talk in Chester last Friday - organised by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children. " Even within the Church, there are those who would obscure the truth...."

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Sitsio said...

Great pictures, thank you so much for posting them Father! It looks like a very joyful visit, Deo gratias! Prayers for this wonderful Cardinal and his consistent witness to Catholic truth!