Sunday 8 March 2015

Cardinal Burke visits my parish!

Well - the parish where I was an altar boy as a child!

His Eminence Raymond Leo Cardinal Burke is in the UK at the moment popping up all over the country. This morning he Offered Low Mass with motets at the Shrine Church of Ss Peter and Paul & St Philomena in New Brighton, my home parish where I made my First Holy Communion. It was good to see the rather vast church pretty full of parishioners and visitors.  It was a good opportunity for catching up with a lot of people as well - apologies if there is anyone I saw across the crowded Reception afterwards but didn't get to say hello to.

It was great to meet Cardinal Burke. He's very serious in saying Mass but warm and charming in person.  I was explaining a little to him about the work of the Order of St Lazarus in the UK and our associations with his brother Cardinals in Prague and Sri Lanka.

Prayers on the Cardinal's arrival at the altar before vesting,
assisted by the priests and servers of the Institute of Christ the King.

The opening collect.

 The Sermon.

The Church - known locally as the Dome of Home, 
from the fact that it was the first landmark 
sailors returning to Liverpool would see as they approached port.


Zephyrinus said...

How wonderful.

Thank You to His Eminence Cardinal Burke.


Deo Gratias.

David O'Neill said...

We too hope to welcome His Eminence to H&N

Anonymous said...

A wonderful blessing to the parish!

In Domino,


Unknown said...

As a recent convert from Anglican Lay Ministry I have been attending St Peter, Paul & Philomena since my decision ( or should I say through divine guidance ) to convert. I would like to say I have never once regretted my move, and my journey "home" thus far has been enriched beyond belief as a result of the blessings I have received through my ongoing association with this very special and eminently holy place. The experience of attending the Mass over which Cardinal Burk presided was moving in the extreme, and the sense of reverence and respect which is a hallmark of worship in that hallowed building was enhanced to the point of palatability by his presence which I believe will serve to strengthen and prosper the resolve of all who wish to protect the Orthodoxy of the Church. Truly it was a privilege to count myself as one of those who was able to attend, and as I draw close to my own reception this Easter time it was a particularly memorable event