Thursday 24 November 2016

Bishop Athanasius Schneider on Amoris Laetitia

As you will know, my tipsy meanderings here focus mainly on things liturgical, rather than theological. I have stayed away from commenting on the ongoing Amoris Latitia saga in public (although my name was among those who wrote, originally privately, to the cardinals with a critique of it). Many of whom found that they were then contacted by their bishops and superiors, as the Holy See had already brought their names to the attention of their superiors.

I make no further comment now but Bishop Athanasius Schneider has posted a piece on Rorate Caeli that may be of interest. It draws my attention because, having spent some time in the bishop's company, I have always found him gentle, fair-minded and self-effacing - to say nothing of his insight, clear thinking and directness. A pastor of holiness, so well worth listening to.

Bishop Schneider Mass - Conference - London

Tuesday 22 November 2016

Turn to the Lord?

Lumen Gentium

Well, we this coming Sunday is the first Sunday of Advent. I wonder if anyone is taking up Cardinal Sarah's invitation to celebrate Mass ad orientem more frequently? Despite hearing words of support - at least from among the clergy and people I tend to interact with, I'm not awaiting with baited breath a volte face in parishes across the country. The Cardinal's Sunday of suggestion for this almost passed me by, as all our Masses here are facing the Lord on the altar and in the tabernacle - and towards those clouds, should he happen to be planning to appear in glory this particular year and save all our politicians form their worst decisions. However, I came across an article in the Catholic World Report by Jeannette Flood, which reminded me.  You can read it on-line HERE.

The article is another attempt to explain and teach in a calm way in answer to the cries of horror from modernists, who seem to feel that anything that looks like the Church from pre-1960's is the work of the devil.

It's always a great worry tome when I hear theological and liturgical discussion that references the Second Vatican Council as THE pivotal point in time and history, almost as though the Church had not really been in existence before then or had been suffering an absence of Christ's teaching since the sub-apostolic era: BC - before THE Council; AD after the Documents. It seems to me that one definition of heresy is to take some element of the Faith that is perfectly sound and good and emphasise it out of all proportion. That is, of course, as with all heresy, a devilish thing. The devil doesn't choose an evil to lead us astray but takes a good and makes it  a god.

Before my comments box fills up with accusations of being a Vat II denier, I can say that I do accept the Council and believe it was a good but I also believe there was a good, functioning, holy, effective Catholic and Apostolic Church for nineteen hundred and and sixty two years before that as well and that quite a lot of what it did is still good and holy for us as it was for past generations. Continuity, as with any family, helps to bind us together.

Monday 21 November 2016

The fetid breeze of contemporary culture

I thought that this was an  interesting article over at Crisis Magazine: What real church reform looks like by R J Snell.
A Church constantly opening windows and doors to let in the fetid breeze of contemporary culture is a Church not worth believing in, and so people simply won’t believe in it.

Friday 11 November 2016

MONTHLY CLERGY TALK Wednesday 16th November in Warrington

Priests, deacons and seminarians are invited to a Clergy Evening at 
St Mary's Warrington 
from 6pm 
on Wednesday 16th November. 
There will be Eucharistic Adoration and Confessions available up to 7pm, followed by a presentation by Fr James Mawdsley with a discussion on "Old Testament Prophets Calling Today's Priests to Conversion". Dinner is at 8pm-- please let us know in advance -- if you will stay for dinner so we can plan for numbers.
The words of the Prophets are powerful enough to break rocks even today. They identify problems in the Church and they identify the solution--faithfulness to God. The Old Testament Prophets are not simply recommended reading for priests, but necessary reading. If we heed the warnings and corrections of the prophets, then we are properly open to receiving the great illumination and hope in Christ which is their eternal gift.

Friday 4 November 2016

Jubilee Reception

Archbishop Malcolm presenting me with a Spiritual Bouquet, given by parishioners from St Catherine's and my previous parish, St Cuthbert's, in Wigan.

And a Papal Blessing to follow.

Mr Anthony Dickinson announcing some of the many gifts -
including a generous cheque from the parishioners of St Catherine's,
presented by Mrs Hild Gibbons.

A suitable cake!

The Schola from church displayed their versatility and turned their talents to some songs from the shows to entertain us. A proper reminder that each has its own place!

 The little hall in our parish (the Pope John Paul Room) was far too small to cater for the Reception, so we adjourned across the road to the Farington Conservative Club. Our excellent photographer, John Robinson took plenty of photos, so I will leave those who were there to  find themselves in the selection below. 
We were served lovely hot food by caterers who live in the parish - who are also proprietors of the nearby Cavendish Arms, which Father has been known to frequent on occasion.

 It was great to see so many friends, some of whom I haven't seen in quite a few years. 
Thank you to everyone for making it such a wonderful evening.


Thursday 3 November 2016

Silver Jubilee of Priesthood

 Introibo ad altare Dei!

Friends and readers will know that I recently celebrated twenty five years of priesthood. I'm posting these pictures to enable all those who came to have a look and to share with those friends and family who were not able to be there on the day.

Mass was in the Traditional Form, in which calendar it is the Feast of St Wilfrid, a great English Saint.

 A series of photographs of the entrance procession, 
led by Knights and Dames and priests 
of the
Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem.

 The Order has taken an increasingly important role in my priestly life,
both in supporting its charitable work (particularly through meeting Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith and being able to support the work of combating leprosy in his native Sri Lanka) and in the friendships here at home and all over the world that have grown out of  my association with it.

Thanks to the many brother priests 
who joined me on the evening from far and wide, 
particularly all those from my own Archdiocese of Liverpool.

 It all proved a bit of a squeeze getting everyone in, hence we entered through the hall at the back of church, which was opened up for extra seating. I think one of our more venerable parishioners was here almost knocked over! (But quickly assisted.)

 We were joined by members of the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest from their nearby churches in Preston and New Brighton (where I made my First Holy Communion some few years ago!)

Thanks to the good Fathers of  Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter,
Frs de Malleray and Mawdsley, 
who, as friends since long before they came to Warrington,
kept the liturgy in shape by acting as deacon and subdeacon.

 My particular thanks to Archbishop Malcolm McMahon for celebrating with me 
- a great supporter of his priests.

 Prayers at the Foot of the Altar.

 Thanks to all our altar servers who assisted, 
and especially Max for travelling all the way up from Bristol 
to keep them all in order as MC.


 Intoning the Gloria.


Listening to the Epistle being chanted.

There was nowhere left for Archbishop to preach from in our little church, except from the altar gates!A sermon of the life of St Wilfrid,who had plenty of ups and downs in his priestly ministry!

The Archbishop imposes the blessing on the incense.

 You can just see, standing at the back, the organist and members of the Schola, organised by Mr Anthony Dickinson, who brings excellent music to our liturgies week by week and excels himself on our special occasions. We had plenty of chant, along with Mozart's Sparrow Mass. Mr David-Scott Thomas at the organ. My thanks for the musical splendour.

The Offertory.

 Exuent omnes.

  We spilled out into the night to process back to the clergy marquee!
Specially erected as the overflow sacristy.

There will be another post to follow this one of family, friends and parishioners at the Reception.

My thanks to Mr John Robinson for taking the photographs.