Saturday 26 January 2013

No longer possible to commit adultery

In the topsy-turvey world of messing around with  our Tradition - Christian and otherwise - John Bingham points out in today's Telegraph that if same-sex marriage is legally allowed in British Law one of the "side effects" will be that adultery will have to be abolished in law, as only infidelity between people of opposite genders can count as adultery in divorce cases. It means that people in a same-sex marriage who discover that their spouse is unfaithful to them would not be able to divorce on the basis of adultery unless it was with someone of the opposite sex. Equally, heterosexual people cannot accuse their partner of adultery if they discover they had a secret lover of the same sex. This comes after it became clear that government legal experts have failed to agree a definition of what constitutes "sex" between same-sex couples! (Same -sex couples will also not be able to have their marriage annulled on the grounds of non-consummation.) These distinctions create an inequality between heterosexual and homosexual couples and therefore therefore would have to be abolished as grounds for divorce in all marriages.

One of the arguments that keeps on being trotted out by those who favour redefining marriage is that they support marriage as an institution and want its benefits for everyone but in fact this now undermines yet another of marriages defining elements - that it is an exclusive commitment to another person. So, far from supporting marriage, it is weakened to mean almost nothing. In law, adultery will not exist.  Thus the seventh commandment is wiped away from our legal system, pulling yet another part of the foundations away from the edifice of western society. 

Like crime figures, the easiest way to lower them is to simply remove the crime from the statute books - low and behold, crime figures are down and we can all congratulate ourselves on living in a safer society.

And behold, David Donald William Cameron came came down from Eton and called for the elders of the people, and set before them all these words which the which the god of Political correctness had commanded him:
                  "Thou shalt not find it possible to commit adultery."

Another Orwellian rewriting of reality?


Genty said...

That will leave Commandments 5,6,8 and 9. And one or two of those are wobbly. How far we have come in civilisation . . .

Damask Rose said...

What a farce!

But a scary farce. What else won't be considered a crime?

But how many people nowadays think in terms of "adultery"? People living-in-sin long term called partnerships can be cheated upon by their partners, but is it adultery per se?

Surely heterosexual partnerships has led to the gay civil-partnership and then gay marriage mess and it's an irony when most heterosexuals aren't marrying today that gays supposedly want to.

So they can't decide on what gay sex is (...!) (so how can a gay be "married" re the "sex" aspect?) but a gay can't get his marriage annulled on non-consummation...!

Consummation of course being so important to heterosexual marriage.

So for PC-ness they do away with adultery. Better to do away with the word "marriage". Marriage, matrimony. The word "matrimony" stems from "mother", and as far as I am concerned my marriage to my husband has nothing to do with gay "marriage". So therefore inequal.


I blame Henry VIII for all this.

Catherine of Aragon ought to be made a Servant of God as a witness to heterosexual marriage (and its consummation) and all she put up with from the day she married Arthur, Prince of Wales, Henry VIII and her death.

Scottish Priest said...

Interestingly the Scottish Government intend to retain adultery as a ground for divorce. Only two persons of a different sex will be able to commit adultery but it will not matter whether the "married couple" are different sex or same sex, thus it is seen as still equal!

They also intend to retain impotence as a reason to void a marriage but only for opposite sex couples, but they don't even try to defend this as equal.

Read all about it:

Anonymous said...

We are all to blame for this lamentable state of affairs as we all keep voting in these terrible politicians - we need to vote but vote against the big 3 and get them out of where they do further harm.