Saturday 12 January 2013

The Dome of Home

The Institute of Christ the King Church of Ss Peter & Paul & St Philomena now has its own website up and running. Entitled The Dome of Home, after the epithet sometimes applied to the church in New Brighton on the Wirral Peninsula where the Traditional Forms of the Mass and Sacraments are being nurtured.  Sailors returning home up the River Mersey have used it as a beacon to guide them home since it was built in 1935.  

Now under the direction of Canon  Amaury Montjean,  I hope that this bold endeavour will continue to flourish.  It can be no mean feat to bring together all the disparate groups that have an interest in the church - from the members of the wider community who campaigned to save the church when it was closed down under the former bishop of Shrewsbury to the existing Latin Mass community in the area and all the new people who must be brought in if the project is to thrive - not to mention the ordinary Catholics of the area who must be thrilled that their church is open again but not necessarily familiar with tradition of worship they now experience there - a tradition so warmly encouraged by our Holy Father, Pope Benedict, and yet still so often denied to so many Catholics as a powerful way of experiencing the Faith. Canon Montjean deserves the prayerful and active support of all who simply want our churches kept open and our glorious Faith to thrive as a Beacon of Hope for all those who have yet to come home to the harbour of salvation.

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