Wednesday 30 January 2013

Binary System

As the year progresses, I thought how nice it would be if each diocese were to provide in the Ordo a calendar of feasts etc for BOTH the EF and the OF of Mass.  After all, they are both simply two versions of the one Roman Rite.  It would also make it a lot easier in the sacristy and it would be a most practical demonstration of each diocese' commitment to following the desire of the Holy Father that the riches of both rites be readily available to priests and people.  A very concrete way of telling the gainsayers that both are valid, licit and encouraged.

To see them side by side might assist with the mutual enrichment the Holy Father speaks of.  At the moment in the run up to Lent, those offering only in the OF would perhaps gain a useful insight as to how it used to be done, with the Sundays of pre-Lent preparing the people for the great season.  Those wading through Ember days and Rogation days might give thanks for the economy of the OF.  Those celebrating the OF might also give thanks that they don't have to have more than one collect on a weekday feast!

It might also have the effect of driving those who would have to undertake such things on to the challenge of harmonising the two calendars.  At the moment those celebrating both forms sometimes find themselves in some very strange situations.  I just don't have the time to rush out and change the altar frontal in between Masses on a Sunday morning.  Difficult and perhaps contentious as harmonising the calendars might be, we cannot think that the EF can remain frozen in time circa 1962, with no new saints and no organic development.  Of course, I would stress organic and slow development but a first and gentle step would be to add at least some of the new saints.

Or am I banging my head against a brick wall on this one?


Jacobi said...

I would agree Father that the first thing is for as many parishes as possible, and certainly those who host the EF form of the Roman Rite, to publicise both calendars.

By the way I think what you do, by offering both an EF and OF form of the Mass each Sunday is very important example to all priests who want to see the ancient Catholic Mass once again take its proper place in the liturgy of the Church.

Anonymous said...

Hello Father,

As the Holy Father has placed both forms on an equal footing then why should not both be offered both in the Ordo and the parishes.

Maybe the Bishops would shed some light?

David O'Neill said...

I agree with 'Jacobi' that it is a good thing to have priests celebrating both forms of the Roman Rite. Here in Hexham & Newcastle all(?) Sunday Masses in the EF are celebrated by the parish clergy who also celebrate the OF.
In my opinion, of more importance than a joint Ordo is the hierarchies need to ensure that both forms of the Mass are taught in our seminaries. How can our bishops ignore the fact that this is precisely what our Holy Father wants?

Sixupman said...

It is illogical to have two calendars and reprehensible to abandon the traditional seasons of Mother Church.

Year 3, Week 15 or whatever, pure CofE ASB and syncretic in terminology!