Friday, 18 January 2013

Archbishop Cordileone

I attended an excellent talk by Archbishop Salvatore J. Cordileone at  the London Oratory yesterday. St Wilfrid's Hall was packed to capacity as he gave his talk on "Living the Christian Faith in a Secularised World." He seems down to earth and sensible and to have a good grasp of the challenges facing the Church in the modern world and how we might come to deal with those challenges.  In other words, the sort of things you might expect from a Church leader with an orthodox faith and a firm confidence in the fullness of the Church's teaching.  He has a challenging diocese - that of San Fransisco - where the strident voices often raised against the Church have criticised him for being too conservative (for which read simply holding to the Church's constant and universal teaching).  Despite that he spoke of dealing with others and those in conflict with the Church with compassion and grace - and a sense of humour - all the pastoral traits of a good priest!

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