Sunday, 14 February 2016

What a Parish! Emergency aid.

The Archdiocese here in Liverpool has undertaken to upgrade all its property's fire safety specifications. The work is being done here at the moment. I have to admit that some of it seems a bit over the top. You can't walk more than three paces inside or out now, without the provision of emergency lighting should the mains electricity fail and we now have four points where lightening conductors come down from the church roof - two of them lower than my house just next door!  We are awash with hideous green signage over every door indicating the exits. You get the picture. Anyhow... be that as it may, the result is that our little parish is stuck with a bill for £12,500, which will take us into the red.  I told the people just two Sundays ago and lo and behold, as of today, we have had the whole of it paid for in donations large and small! Amazing! Thank you to the people of St Catherine's - what great supporters of your parish you are!


Anonymous said...

Yes Father, well said. It crossed my mind too this morning as I sat listening to your good parishioners (I'm one of your bad ones!) at the 10am Mass, belting out the Attende Domine. It also came to me that we are blest for several reasons, having you as our PP is but one.

However, I came home and read the newsletter only to find that within the last 2/3 weeks, the Parish has raised over £700 for a sponsored walk to aid lepers in Sri Lanka AND (only this weekend) a charity Burns Night event in the Parish raised £1000! Absolutely remarkable and well done to all involved. A feat that larger parishes in the locality can possibly only dream of, as they look at St Catherines, surely one of the smallest parishes (if not the smallest) in the Archdiocese.

You know we 'traditional' Catholics are a miserable lot aren't we? Only concerned with liturgy and the like ...... we never put our hands in our pockets to help others - do we? So some would have us believe, you prove them wrong. God bless the Parish of St Catherines! God bless you!

Zephyrinus said...

Well done to all your Parishioners, Fr, and to you.

Deo Gratias.

Luke said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay back home. This warmed my heart.
I hope to visit again not too far in the future.