Monday, 29 February 2016

Pontifical High Mass in New Brighton

Bishop Athanasius Schneider is certainly getting about on his visit to England (he wants to include Scotland next time as well!)  There was a good turnout in the huge Institute church of Ss Peter and Paul in New Brighton on the Wirral  for Mass last Saturday. Pontifical High Mass for a weekday in Lent must be quite a novelty but help travelled in from far and wide to make sure no rubric was left undone.  It is wonderful to see how many young people are interested in assisting at the Mass in its Traditional Form.  Once again, I was struck by the gentle and kindly personality of the Bishop, particularly his care for priests. His words of encouragement and orthodoxy are much appreciated.  

Incidentally, the church is New Brighton is moving along apace, with rather smart plate glass screens (etched with the Institute's coat of arms) now installed at the back of the church to provide a much needed "gathering space", as the modern architects might put it and a new shop for religious goods as well. What a great sign of hope, inspired by Bishop Davies' bold initiative, to re-open a failed church and find priests who have been able to breath new life into it.  Its an attitude we could do with more of in the church in this country. 

The photographs speak  for themselves. Here are a selection courtesy of Mike Barnsdall. 


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