Saturday, 27 February 2016

High Altar Restoration

Bishop Athanasius Schneider continued his tour of England this week with a visit to the Confraternity of St Peter Church in Warrington, to give Benediction and a talk to local clergy. When the Confraternity took over the church recently the altar in use stood on a platform built outside the original sanctuary (the altar, it has to be said, was rather small). Sadly, the original High Altar had at some time in the past been cut away but a temporary altar in the same place now restores the sight lines intended by the architect. In many respects, it is now a much simpler, less cluttered but grander space. A noble simplicity, one might say. Having offered Mass there recently on a weekday, it was great to see a substantial congregation of 30+. Being in the town centre is obviously a great benefit.

Following Benediction the Bishop gave a challenging talk from the pulpit on
"The Priest as Minister of Truth".


We adjourned to the Priory House afterwards for some food and fellowship.

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David O'Neill said...

Great to see the restoration of a high altar. When my late wife, Margaret, died I had a new (wooden) altar erected to replace the former high altar destroyed earlier & had a plaque attached in her memory. This at St Joseph's in Gateshead