Monday 18 May 2015

The hovering Passcal Candle

For those who celebrate the Traditional Form of the Roman Rite, we extinguished the Pascal Candle after the Gospel on the Feast of the Ascension (whenever that was!) But in parishes where both forms of the Roman Rite are carried out it hovers on - lighted  or unlighted - until Pentecost, when it unceremoniously disappears after the Mass.

Although there is no instruction to do so, it occurred to me that even in the newer Form, it would be perfectly possible to extinguish it after the Gospel on the Feast of Pentecost - a good starting point for the preaching and a good visible sign of the end of the season. Plus, a little bit of continuity with what went before.

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Unknown said...

I remember so well the Pascal candle being extinguished after the Gospel on Ascension Thursday. Why can this not still be carried out after the Gospel on Pentecost Sunday ?