Thursday, 21 May 2015

Pugin for the £20 note!

The Bank of England is asking for nominations for an historical British person from the visual arts to appear on the £20 note.  Visual artists include architects, artists, ceramicists, craftspeople, designers, fashion designers, filmmakers, photographers, printmakers and sculptors.

I've suggested AWN Pugin.  
Deliberately Catholic.
Link to the Catholic past of our nation through gothic revival, yet use of modern methods.
Link to the Houses of Parliament.
All very suitable.

Use the link below to make a suggestion. 

As far as I can work out there has never been a Catholic on a British banknote! [Except Edward elgar - as has been pointed out since I posted this! Apologies for the slip.] William Shakespeare has appeared on the £20 note and there are those who hold that he was a Catholic - probably! See Joseph Pearce's works "Through Shakespeare's Eyes" and "The Quest for Shakespeare". But many might dispute that claim and its probably not in the public consciousness.

So get over to the Bank of England site and nominate a Catholic!


Patricius said...

You are mistaken, Father. Edward Elgar was on the £20 note for a few years. He was a Catholic- in spite of all the efforts of the establishment to play down the fact.

Fr Simon Henry said...

Patricius - you are correct,, of course. I had an inkling of it but didn't look him up closely enough. My defence - I was marooned in the sitting room posting with the laptop using touch pad (which I'm not as efficient with)instead of the usual mouse while I waited for the carpet in the study to dry after a cleaning session, so I got frustrated at my inefficiency and did't do the research as thoroughly as I should have. Such are the burdens of priestly life...