Thursday 8 January 2015

Treasure and Tradition

The owners of the on-line bookshop and Catholic Store The Cenacle come to Mass here at St Catherine's and just recently a customer who had purchased the book "Treasure and Tradition" very kindly also bought a copy for me, which the Cenacle.  I've no way of getting in touch with the thoughtful donor but offer my thanks through the blog.

Actually, when it was first published, I had read about the book on Rorate Caeli and the New Liturgical Movement  and had tried to order it through the link on the NLM site but seemed to run into a technical problem in completing the purchase. If you happen to have had the same problem, the Cenacle has it on its site here

As the other reviews suggest, its a very good book for explaining the Traditional Mass and beautifully presented.

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Mold Junction said...

It is a beautiful book, I did a little write up on it in November on the Wrexham LMS blog.

Incidentally Father, I called at your church between Christmas and New Year as I was in the area. Sadly, no one was about but what a lovely location!