Friday 23 January 2015

King Richard III

I see that the Catholic Herald has been reporting on a petition for King Richard III to be given a Catholic burial - as he was, in fact... a Catholic.  Seems pretty obvious to me.  The Eponymous Flower also  has a post about it.

As it happens, moved to action by a friend of mine who is a great Richard III devotee, I am already in the midst of organising a Requiem Mass (EF), with the encouragement of the Richard III Society in Manchester, on the day of his interment.  The idea is to give him some Catholic Rites more in keeping with the Mass he would have prayed in his day.

I'm not sure we can run to Tudor dishes such as Swan stuffed with widgeon and Beefsteak from an ox roasted whole in the great fireplace but there will be something afterwards to toast his memory as well.

Click on the poster for details.

Thursday 26th March
At St Catherine’s Church
Stanifield Lane
Farington - Leyland - PR25 4QG
(Off Junction 1 M65 or Junction 28 / 29 on M6)

A Requiem Mass in the style and manner of his day.
Sung High Latin Mass
with Singers of the Laeta Cantoribus  Choir.

A light Buffet with wine will be served afterwards.
All Welcome.

For any further details 
Telephone 01772 421174   


philipjohnson said...

Father .I ,for one,am very interested.More information please!God Bless .Philip Johnson.

Unknown said...

I am arranging for 5 Masses to be said for King Richard during the week of his reburial.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for arranging this. Although I won't be able to attend I, among others, have worked so hard to ensure King Richard will recieve the rites of his faith in a form he would recognise and it means so much to me. Thank you once again and may God Bless You

Anonymous said...

I echo what Patricia has said and also thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that someone has thought about what the wishes of the Late King would be.
Indeed, he was a Roman Catholic and I have stated from the beginning, upon his remains being identified as King Richard III,that he is entitled to a Requiem Latin Mass.

Every diocese in England should offer a Holy Mass for this Roman Catholic King. That is what would have happened at the time of his death.
Kinga Grzeczynska