Thursday 22 January 2015

High Mass from Ushaw College

When I was a student at Ushaw College in Durham I recall seeing an old film of High Mass at the College from the 1960's.  I've never been able to find it on the internet but my attention has been drawn to the fact that Fr Peter Kravos, a contemporary of mine at the seminary, has uploaded them to YouTube.  Thank you Peter!

There is also this documentary.

And another High Mass!

What a fantastic sight and sound to see and hear so many in the glorious chapel and how sad that it is now closed as a seminary.


Zephyrinus said...

Indeed, Fr.

A terrible tragedy. What person in their right mind would have permitted the closure of such an edifice as Ushaw ?

Thank you for the wonderful Videos.

I had the privilege of attending the Latin Mass Society's Training Week, at Ushaw, in 2011, and Serving The Divine Mass in Saint Cuthbert's Chapel.

How tragic for people not to have the ability to attend Mass there, now, on a regular basis.

Would that The Institute of Christ The King, Sovereign Priest, take it over.

Please God.

Ttony said...

Father, very many thanks for highlighting these films.

Ludolphus the Carthusian said...

The Interviews with the boys and divines were very interesting.

Thank you for putting this on your blog.

In caritate Xp.,


Terry Middleton said...

I happen to feature (fleetingly) in all 3 films. The documentary was supposed lost, we were told at the time tyhat the tape had been wiped, in error, in TT studios. It is wonderful to see it after all these years.
The Masses show up what we have lost.

Fr Dickson said...

Yes, I remember the evening we all sat in the Hall to view the actual film of this Mass! I don't know how Father Kravos managed to find these in DVD format in order to upload them, but I was thrilled to see them.
I felt much sorrow seeing the college as it was in comparison to our day, and upon seeing the devastation that has occurred in (to?) the priesthood and the liturgy since their 'renewal' following Vatican II. There was a sense of seriousness and spirituality in these videos (including the documentary) that I think was missing in our time at Ushaw. One young person viewing the video with me said that "you can see the 'Old Mass' was done for God; everything was focussed upon Him and the people prayed along". I would ass that they show and just how far we have gone in putting man at the centre of the Mass and the entertaining of him. The New Form and its norms were meant to make Mass vibrant and engaging; they have made it second-rate entertainment.