Saturday 9 February 2013

Two Videos and a Mass

Tridentine Mass Promo from Two Sense Films on Vimeo.

I found this posted on Vimeo by Two Sense Films.  It's always good to hear others speaking well about the Mass - particularly as I don't always seem to be able to get across to some people what I see as the obvious beauty, reverence, practicality and power of Mass celebrated in accord with our tradition.

I found the following on The Average Catholic through a link sent by a friend.  It is Bishop Alexander Sample speaking about the Traditional Latin Mass.  He was appointed as the new Archbishop of Portland, Oregon last month, which I think makes him the youngest archbishop in the USA (he was born in 1960).

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Anonymous said...

In football there is a transfer window. Could we have the same in the church? Bishop Alexander Sample would be a transfer target for a UK diocese!