Friday 22 February 2013

Strange Truth

Good post on The Media Report telling of how the McAleese Report in Ireland found that the Magdalene Laundries were not, in reality, the hideous places portrayed on film and by the media.  This re-writing of truth to invert reality so that fiction becomes truth in the popular mind is not new but is often directed at the Catholic Church.  

One other instance would be the shameful re-branding of Pope Pius XII.  

Another would be the Panzar Cardinal image of Joseph Ratzinger.  Not a ravenous wolf but rather a gentle shepherd. Indeed, there are those who wish he might have wielded his shepherds crook with a little more gusto on occasion!  I note too that some of the other "Shepherds" are now turning on the Chief Shepherd and snapping at his heels like petulant dogs. As remarked by Fr Ray Blake here; Protect the Pope here; and here.

Pope John Paul II on his 1983 arrival in Managua, wags  his finger and publicly reprimands Liberation Theology Jesuit priest and Sandinista Minister of Culture Ernesto  Cardenal.

There are many other instances of over exaggeration and Orwellian re-writing that I'm sure you could easily add to the list.

This Thursday, as the Holy Father's resignation comes into effect, we will be praying a Holy Hour in Church from 7 - 8pm.

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Dorothy B said...

My heart sinks and my stomach turns over at the thought of the Holy Father's abdication, but of course I will trust in God, as we all will, that he is succeeded by a pope who is both holy and strong.

I understand that the Pope's departure from the Vatican by helicopter for Castel Gandolfo will take place at 5pm Rome time, 4pm GMT, and is to be televised. I hope it will be covered by BBC News 24 and/or Sky News.

And then, at 7pm GMT (8pm in Italy), it will all be over. It's so sad.