Saturday 16 February 2013

Media Rubbish

Fr Ray Blake has a post directing people to some sensible comment on all things papal by Tim Stanley, one of his former altar servers.  I would like to follow his good example and direct you to other more informed comment than the biased drivel being doled out by the BBC and others.

John Flynn on Zenit.
In the end many of the commentaries and editorials provided more of an insight into the mentality of those writing them, than any kind of reasoned analysis. A situation that is not likely to change when it comes to opinions about whoever will be the next pope.

Anne Shnieble interviewing Fr Robert Gahl from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross.
He is doing it for the Church, because he trusts in the Lord, and because he is thoroughly detached from personal power and pomp.

Archbishop of Los Angeles José Gomez .
Pope Benedict will be remembered as one of the Church’s great teachers of the faith.


RJ said...

Agree, Father.
I wrote to the BBC commenting on their drivel-ridden programme 'In Search of the Real Benedict' starring Hans Küng and Tina Beattie among others.

Sixupman said...

BBC Radio is based in Manchester and until recently on Oxford Road. When they sought something Catholic, they could have turned left and travelled 500 yards, or so, to The Holy Name for orthodox Catholicism, but instead went elsewhere, some distance, away and got the Bishops' Conference line, or worse.