Wednesday 5 December 2012

The REAL Call to Action

I have been reading about the "Call to Action" (CTA) group organising meetings here in the UK to foment dissent against the Church's teaching. 

A witty retort over at "The Bones you have crushed may thrill" reminding us of the ageing population of the anti-orthodox movement (I see one particular leading Jesuit light, aged 92, has had his faculties suspended by the local bishop after "celebrating" Mass with a lady!) 

Deacon Nick has some information on who they are and where these anti-orthodox CTA types are meeting.  

Mark Lambert has a account of how Bishop Bruskewittz of Lincoln, Nebraska - and his successor - put people involved in this group under interdict, which was upheld by the Congregation for Bishops in Rome.  It would be good if bishops in this country did the same.  I don't see why those attempting to undermine the Church's official teaching should have the luxury of meeting on Church premises, and letting the organisation they seem to disapprove of so much foot the bill for their activities.  Perhaps the laity in the parishes where these priests function might assist in supporting the Church in some way.

Mark Lambert has a detailed and excellent critique of some of the usual nonsense such anti-orthodox groups come up with - and handy references to the Church's teaching.  I've added his site to my side-bar.

One of the most prevalent complaints from these anti-orthodox and CTA types is about the role of women in the Church. I always think that they misunderstand what is most important in the Church by viewing it through secular eyes.  The Priesthood is not the highest calling in the Church, the Priesthood is not where the real power lies.  Holiness is the highest calling in the Church. Holiness is where the real power lies.  Holiness is a calling open to everyone - men and women in equal measure. Being ordained of itself doesn't make you holy (I should know!)  THE Call to Action  is the call to holiness, that's the action we are all called to and part of it is surely humility to conform ourselves to the teaching of the Church.  If you long for the priesthood because you want or be where the power is, where the decision making and leading goes on then it seems to me that you are longing for the wrong thing and for the wrong reasons.  Holiness is what gets things done.  I think of the example of Blessed Mother Teresa - because she was holy she had great influence and indeed "power".  I can't imagine her telephoning any bishop to ask for something and not getting it!


Simon Platt said...

Oh for an interdict!

Lynda said...

The lack of action against these destroyers of souls is very damaging and very painful.