Saturday, 15 December 2012

Bishop Philip Egan to David Cameron

 A change too far in this case

Bishop Philip Egan of Portsmouth has written to the Prime Minister, David Cameron, in terms that I cannot recall any bishop of modern times in this country having the guts to do.  The Church - certainly in this country - has for so long lost confidence in wholeheartedly proclaiming the Christian Mission to the world.  A message that does not need to apologise for itself because it is God's message for the salvation of the world but a message that has not been proclaimed from the rooftops with confidence and an understanding of the philosophy behind it for some years.  Like so much of what passes for politics Bishop Egan points out to Mr Cameron "that behind what you say lurks a basic philosophical misconception."

Here is a confident and certain proclamation of the Christian Faith, rooted in our Tradition and philosophy. I believe it is called leadership and I believe it is the role of a Bishop to be such a leader.  It may have no public effect on Mr Cameron but it should none the less have been said and said by a Catholic.  A senior cleric for whom I have great respect said to me of Bishop Egan's appointment that he was greatly encouraged that someone with a good brain had been appointed to a diocese in this country who would be able to speak out in just this way.

I read it here at Quo Vadis.

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