Saturday 8 December 2012

Mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception

I offered Low Mass with hymns for Our Lady's Feast today.
She was arrayed with flowers left for her from the wedding celebrated here yesterday.
(Congratulations to Michael and Louise!)

A nearby parish - St Joseph's, Bolton Road, Anderton in Chorley - 
also offered its first EF Mass this morning for the Feast day 
with a good turnout of 25
 (22 of whom were parishioners rather than visitors). 
 It is the first of a regular new EF Mass 
each Saturday there at 9.10am 
for anyone who can get to it more easily 
than the 12 noon on Saturdays here.

We are fortunate here in the Liverpool Archdiocese in that there are now several places to choose from for weekday EF Masses as well as Sunday Masses in four different parishes.

lol (short for Lots of Latin - at least in my text speak!)


Mick said...

LMAO !!!

Latin Mass Authentic Oblation

Damask Rose said...

How absolutely beautiful Father.

What a lovely space you've created for Mary. From the textile behind Our Lady, monograms and awesome candlesticks.

I don't suppose you could put up a panoramic photo of the whole wall of the sanctuary area, please. I'd love to see. I think you have a statue of St Catherine Laboure on the other side of the altar area. Of course we see snippets of your altar in your threads from time to time. I think you brought the altar forward.

I remember when you first started blogging you took "before and after" photos of the makeover you did in your Church.