Thursday, 9 February 2012

Traditional Mass this Sunday

Just a note for anyone who travels here for the 11.30am Extraordinary Form Mass on Sunday and was perhaps not here last week. There will be NO EF MASS this Sunday 12th February. I am away on Sunday and the priest staying here to look after the parish for the weekend is unable to say that Mass. Unfortunately I've not been able to find anyone to offer the EF Mass.

This is a disappointment to me but not actually in the Archdiocese as a whole as there are several priests who can offer the Traditional Form of the Mass but these days they are not the retired priests but clergy with their own parishes and therefore their own Masses to say on a Sunday morning. In fact, there are four parishes where there is a regular Sunday EF Mass in the Archdiocese, and a total of eight where the EF Mass is offered on a weekly basis or on holydays - so we are better off than most.

Mass will be back on as usual after this Sunday.

If there is a priest out there not too far away from Leyland who could help out on a Sunday occasionally, I would be very happy to hear from you!

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