Tuesday 22 November 2011

I have taken the previous post down.
As with many items on this blog, it was done with tongue in cheek.
However, I apologise if any real offense was caused.


Julius (not Saint) said...

No offense taken -- by me Fr.

It just re affirmed how deep the hole is that the Holy Father is trying to claw Holy Mother Church out of.

FrBT said...

FrBT No offense taken also. The truth is the truth. I support you and you have my prayers.

FrMH said...

FrMH You have my support also Fr. Keep up the good work. We support you. We know what you mean.

Stephen Davis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MrPaulT said...

Father you have the right to speak the truth however painful or embarressing it may be. That is called the Freedom of Speach. I heard about the Vespers over the weekend. We will support you.
God Bless. MrPaulT

FrP said...

Father, am I not correct in stating that the invitations to attend to the subject being discussed, was very limited. In fact I think there was rather the wording in the Church's invitation which excluded many people. Rather it was promoting the attendance of Religious Men and Women. Now you are not going to get too many of them in this Archdiocese - are you?

John said...

Father, You are right in what you wrote. My sister went to the event and she said she was so disappointed of the few numbers who attended. Why did people not attend? Why did local priests not attend? Are we facing reality? The true state of the Faith in this area? I think the penny is about to drop!!
Well done Father. You have my support.

Sixupman said...

Unless we are told these things, nothing will change. Keep up the good work.

Sixupman said...

Further thought(s):

Dad's Army - " they don't like it up em"!

Two obituaries of clergy referred to their curacies and spoke in the most disparaging terms of the parish priests under whom they had served. I was most familiar with one of the PP's: he created from a 'greenfield', not one, but two vibrant parishes complete with substantial churches and a school. Which is more than can be said for those who followed him. These were published in the respective diocesan papers. Of course, the PP's were 'old school' not glorified social workers.

I heard a Liverpool Diocesan cleric speaking in derogatory terms, to parishioners, regarding
an elderly priest - who was, presumably, attempting to keep to his vows at Ordination.

Please, Father, speal as you find.

Dorothy B said...

Having lived for many years in the Liverpool archdiocese, I am always interested to read about what is happening there these days, including the not-so-good bits.

I was particularly interested in the writer's impression of the Papal Nuncio's response to the gathering. While he himself acknowledged that he might have misread the Nuncio's expression, it makes me wonder what sort of view the Nuncio is forming of the British way of "doing Catholicism". Whatever his thoughts were, I hope he writes a regular feedback report to Rome about it all.

The problem of deciphering his speech through the strong Italian accent reminds me of the Pope's words when he was in Great Britain. I found the Holy Father's accent a little difficult too; rather as though he were speaking German, but using English words.

Stephen Davis said...

I removed my comment because on re-reading it sounded patronising, sorry!

Genty said...

Father, offence is taken by those who look to be offended. There's a lot of it around these days.
I could be offended every time I experience liturgical abuse in the name of the "spirit" of Vatican II.
Instead, I feel a deep sadness which sometimes can only be overcome by making light of it.

FrMH said...

Father, You were absolutely correct in your comments. I notice that your original piece has been removed. Now it certainly makes me wonder if you were 'persuaded' to remove your comments? You stick to your guns and to your rosary.

BernardG said...

Father, For a lond time - several years in fact - I have wondered what is happening in my home town of Liverpool. It appears to me that someone or several people have got it wrong and that is why the 'pews are empty' in the Archdiocese.
Time for a change in Liverpool before there is nothing left.

Paul S said...

Father: Reap as you shall sow!!!
The harvest must be very poor in Liverpool Archdiocese. It's a wonder the Liver Bird has not relocated to Shrewsbury. Now they have most definately got it right there.Perhaps that is where the catholics have gone?
Paul S

John said...

Well all I can say from these comments is that it was a good job that The Nuncio went to Liverpool Archdiocese to see what was really happening. Otherwise it could look so splendid and beautiful on paper!
The truth will out and some may say about time too!
Time will tell.
Good to read your posts. Thank you.

AF said...

Father,I wonder where your Craggy Island may be in Liverpool? It looks like you may have a number of candidates that could go there.