Monday 14 November 2011

Justice begins at home

Just a short post to direct the attention of anyone who has not seen it to Fr Ray Blake's post here. He very bravely says things that need bringing into the light. There are so very many occasions when those in authority in our dioceses simply ignore not only the Magisterium of the Church and directives from the Holy See but also the Church's law embodied in the Code of Canon Law. Canon Law is there to protect everyone but it is a daunting task if you need to appeal all the way to Rome because those in the diocese regularly ignore it - and the bishop still has control of your next appointment. He also identifies that our allegedly Catholic schools are places where things are going badly wrong in this area.

The great devotees of "New Church" have justice as one of their rallying cries - for the oppressed, for minorities, for the poor - all excellent but like charity, justice begins at home.


Genty said...

I wonder if this is the fruit of subsidiarity where a bishop may believe himself to be a pope in his own diocese. If he further believes himself to be the highest court of appeal then the danger is clear: the flow becomes a one-way traffic of orders and edicts.
It takes a strong man to uphold justice. A weak man will see justice as a threat. A lazy man will see justice as a nuisance and abdicate his rightful role of arbiter by delegating it to subordinates and bureaucrats.
Unfortunately, in many instances the latter two appear to prevail. The secular virus of rights without responsibilities has infected the upper rooms of our own house.

Andrew Lyons said...

Whilst agreeing in the main with Genty I sometimes wonder if the opposite is not the case - bishop's don't act like a pope in his own diocese - rather he abdicates from personal responsibility and authority and hands it over to faceless 'middle managers' and committees, or worse still faceless managers in Eccleston Square!!

PeterW said...

Father, The responsibility of 'The Office' will catch up with the individual sooner or later. If you delegate responsibility then you should answer for it and expalin yourself publically. I somehow feel that there is going to be many questions asked and perhaps Eccleston Square is a good place to start.
As for Catholic Education in Liverpool Schools - Oh dear! Perhaps that is one question which may prove to be too embarressing.

AnnieH said...

Father; What Cathoilc Education in Liverpool? My grandchildren told me it 'was a joke'
No joking matter now. Their churches are closing and they are empty. Who is laughing now? poor standards make poor results.