Wednesday 20 July 2011

Solemn Mass on Sunday

Fr Damian on his ordination day. You can see many of the other priests of the diocese in the background dressed in white choir. They retain the custom of white choir instead of everyone concelebrating at large gatherings of priests. Very laudable, in my estimation!

This Sunday 24th July our regular EF Mass at 11.30am is moved to 3pm and will be offered by the newly ordained Fr Damian McCaughan of the Diocese of Down and Connor. I will assist in the role of sub-deacon for Solemn Mass (swapping roles with him from some of the other times he's been here!). Many of Fr Damian's old friends from Leeds (where he used to live) will be coming over by coach. In fact, he used to be the LMS representative in Leeds Diocese but returned home to Northern Ireland to pursue his vocation and was ordained just three weeks ago. Everyone is welcome and there will be a cup of tea or coffee afterwards in the Pope John Paul Room.

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Mike Forbester said...

Some photographs of the Mass can be seen here.