Saturday 2 July 2011

Pilgrimage to St Winifrede's Well

I'm preparing for a busy day tomorrow. As well as Masses here in the parish I'm off to Flintshire in North Wales to St Winifrede's Well where I am the celebrant and preacher at High Mass at 2.30pm for the annual national LMS Pilgrimage. As ever, old time religion doesn't let you off lightly! There is a procession and veneration of the relic of the Saint at the Holy Well, followed by Benediction. The tents at the side of the pool are for changing - people still descend into the miraculous waters three times as they ask St Winifrede to intercede for them.

You can read more about St Winifrede and the history of the ancient shrine here.


Anonymous said...

Would you be so kind, Father, as to whisper a prayer for me while you are there?

Thank you!


Fr. Gabriel Burke C.C. said...

Visited here for the first time last year. it is good old fashion Celtic spirituality. None of your hugging tree variety either. I think the water is the coldest I have ever entered. Having returned to the Guest House my legs were still numb from the cold.

MCITL said...

Hello Father,

Thanks for your blog. When you have a moment free, please email me at mcitl DOT blogspot DOT com AT gmail DOT com


Fr Cusick