Thursday 14 July 2011

Fr Corapi

Fr Corapi as he used to be.

John Corapi now.

The Emperor Ming the Merciless.

I don't know enough and it's not my place to make any judgement about Fr Corapi but I was amazed at his appearance on his new blog. I can understand that he couldn't carry on, I can perhaps understand that he wants to continue some from of public ministry in the world but he does seem to have lost the plot in appearing as he now does - it's such a remove from all that he he has spoken of in the past. He is obviously a man of great ability but once before he soared to the heights of success only to fall to the depths - in the story of his conversion which he has told most eloquently many times.

So bizarre is his appearance that he is now a dead ringer for the Emperor Ming the Merciless from the Old "Flash Gordon" series - a comparison I couldn't help making once I'd seen it. If he is going to make his appearance so strange he can only alienate those who have held him in high regard in the past and hold himself up to ridicule. Without knowing all the facts we cannot judge his heart - but the choice of how he presents himself is there for all to see.

As long ago as last October people were beginning to notice a change that perhaps on reflection were warning signs that something was wrong. See Fumare.

For those whose childhood failed to watch very old science fiction you can see a clip here. There is an uncanny resemblance!


Anonymous said...

Doctor Zarkoff and Dale arden both had to sign non disclosure contracts before the mudmen would let them go.

Mary in Monmouth said...

Fr Corapi appears to have a small swelling on the top of his head. I hope this is not a tumour and mmight explain his current seems unbelievable what has happened....

Lyda said...

He also now bears a striking resemblance to Anton LeVay, the founder of the Church of Satan. Yikes!