Thursday, 3 February 2011

Crisis n the Church

The crisis in the Church as viewed by a Swiss priest from DICI on Vimeo.

A friend sent me a link to this video which proved very interesting to watch. Fr Ray Blake posted recently about the strangeness of our ecumenism - how it's acceptable with everyone except the Society of St Pius X. While I might have to put in a little disclaimer in regard to some of the views on the site where the video was originally posted, I think it does give much food for thought. What the priest says certainly reflects some of my own experience.


Anonymous said...

Father, this priest has just summed up the regime at Ushaw College that has existed for the past 40 years or so. That is why it has been in decline and has now hit the bottom. I don't know how you and many others put up with it. However, many swallowed the tuition hook line and sinker and we now have too many young priests who know no better than to be cheerleaders of their parishes and best pals with everyone. The 'Mass' is now an occasion for the parish to come together and meet their friends once a week and have a nice time. There is a complete absence of spirituality and the raising up of the heart and mind to God simply does not come into it. I do not blame these young priests who know no better but their bishops and senior priests will have a lot to answer for.


RJ said...

Also mirrored some of my own experience.

In his comments on obedience, I think he fails to distinguish between disciplinary matters (e.g. where a superior commands a subject to do something which the subject believes has been forbidden in a document from the Holy See, such as giving a general absolution in what the subject believes are inappropriate circumstances) and matters to do with intrinsic evil (e.g. where a superior orders a subject to murder his granny). In the former case, I think the subject ought to do what he is told - any moral fault accrues to the superior - while in the latter case he must NOT do what he is told.
I would be glad to be corrected.