Wednesday, 2 February 2011


"And thine own soul a sword shall pierce"

Last year in the south of France I took part in procession for the village feast day - the Sorrows of Our Lady - which is where I took this photograph. I was reminded of this by the Gospel for today's feast of Candlemass. This evening at 7pm we are blessing candles and celebrating Mass (OF - but mostly in Latin and sung propers as well as hymns).

A lovely Feast day as Christmastide finally draws to its close.

Incidentally, here is wider view of the charming little church. Note that Mass is ad orientem.


Anonymous said...

Father, this is indeed a very charming church, but do you write where in France it is found? I should like to know, so as to be able to visit it one day myself.

Fr Simon Henry said...

The village is Grimaud, in the hills near St Tropez.