Tuesday 18 January 2011

The sign of Peace?

On a lighter note...

I'm sure others have heard this song by Richard Stilgoe & Peter Skellern before but I hadn't until I came across it the other day on the Chant Café. (see here)

By chance Fr Z has a questionnaire on this very subject on the sidebar of his site: Fr Z


Fr Gary Dickson said...

I saw this video a couple of years ago but it still brings a smile to my face! I remember being at Mass just prior to my ordination and being in intense prayer during Canon remained kneeling fro the Pater and Agnus. At the Sign of Peace I was entusiastically poked in the back by a woman who insisted 'Peace be with you!'. I was tempted to reply "I'm trying to get some!" For once, I resisted the pull of my irascible nature.

Anonymous said...

I remember a story on this theme by Sue Coote, the former Secretary of the LMS. When this novelty was first introduced she was at a Mass and there was a Dowager Duchess of some kind in the pew. When it came to the sign of peace the lady next to the Duchess held out her hand as they had been instructed to do. At this, the Dowager Duchess looked over the top of her spectacles to the lady and said: "Do I know you?" It was told with such drama by Sue that it was hilarious.