Sunday, 30 January 2011

Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem

Dom. Daniel with Fraters Alban and John with myself
at a Mass in St John's (now closed) in Allerton Bywater. Christmas 2007

Congratulations to The Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem who have obtained permision from Bishop Bransfield to reside in Charlestown, West Virginia for a period of two years.

Dom. Daniel has been searching for a home for this dedicated little community for some time now. I'm very happy that something tangible has come about for them and pray for their growth.

Frater John and me outside the Lateran Basilica last year.

Some more photos with Dom. Daniel and the Fraters during Mass in 2007
on the Feast of St John the Evangelist,
which concluded with blessing with a relic of St John.

Here is a Youtube clip of Solemn High Mass at St Michael's Abbey (Norbertines), Orange, California - the temporary home of the Canons. (To watch the rest of the Mass just click on the Youtube links after this first part.)

It is worth noting that the beautiful vestments were made by Dom Daniel himself!

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