Saturday, 20 August 2022

St Peter's International School for Boys


Most readers of this blog will know of my involvement with St Peter's International College.

We are a small and distinctive school. 

There remain a last few places available for this September,

so for anyone still searching for the right place

that's not like everywhere else,

we might be the answer to your prayers.

St Peter's School is set in the beautiful village of Saint-Pierre-de-Maillé in the historic Sud-Vienne-Poitou region of France. Catering for boys from 11 - 18. The classes are taught in English. Those whose first language is not English are given all the help necessary for them to become fluent, from whatever their starting point. Leaving with fluent English for these students is one of the great assets of St Peter's. For the English speakers, they gain a great depth of knowledge of other cultures as well as making life-long friends.

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Perhaps our most important marker is that we are proudly Catholic in our ethos.
That may not always signify very much in today's world but at St Peter's it truly is at the heart of all we do. The very real motivation for us founding a school was that it should teach boys how to be Catholic men in the world today.

Each and every day is built around the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, offered by the full-time Chaplain.

All the boys are encouraged to learn how to serve at God's altar.

Academic excellence is another great driver for our school. Small class sizes and a family atmosphere enable pupils of all abilities to thrive.

However, there's plenty to occupy the boys outside the classroom as well.

A leisurely row  on the nearby River Gartempe.

Tennis in the summer.

Paintballing is always popular, as you might guess!

Fishing locally is a great way to relax - and learn some patience!

Smiling here - until they got down into one of the local cave systems!

The school certainly uses computers but private use is strictly limited.
Something to be said for the old-fashioned reading of a book.

Go-carting brings out the competitive side.
But all in good fun...mostly!

The boys are taught chant as a practical skill for daily Mass. It also enables us to follow the injunction of the Second Vatican Council to give it "pride of place."

Cooking is very popular...
almost as much as the eating afterwards.

A little Christmas Crib 
built to remind the passers-by of the Faith.
And we teach the how to be rugged - shorts in December!

The village of Saint-Pierre-de-Mailllé boasts a music school of it's own.
Pupils are always encouraged to improve their skills.

The boys also need plenty to do on dark winter evenings.
Here they are learning about the Mass with their very own models.

The school is very fortunate to have the use of a nine hole golf course nearby.

More tradition - a game of Petanque.

We are fortunate to enjoy a great relationship with the local town, who have been a great support to the school. The boys take an active part in local events.

Our noble main building, Maison St André,

 named for the saint who founded the place over 200 years ago,

 as a convent, school and hospital. 

And now a school once more!

"Courage! We work for Heaven!"

And finally, click here for a word from our Principal.

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