Saturday 30 April 2022

Third Sunday of Eastertide

This Wednesday 4th May is the Feast of the English Martyrs. A great feast we should celebrate with pride to inspire us to work, and indeed sacrifice, for our holy Faith in our own age.

O Jesus convert England, O God have mercy on our country! 

We will also be crowning the statue of Our Blessed Lady at the 10am Mass this Sunday - 1st May, the start of our Lady's special month. A far better reason to celebrate as a holiday than just that the banks are closed!

Masses at St Catherine's this week

Sunday 1st May. Third Sunday of Easter  (Year C)
Mass at 8.30am & 10am.

Monday  9.30am Mass
Tuesday 12 noon Traditional Latin Mass
Wednesday 9.30am Mass
Thursday - No Public Mass
Friday - No Public Mass
Saturday - No public Mass

Sunday 8th May. Fourth Sunday of Easter  (Year C)
Mass at 8.30am & 10am

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