Saturday 9 April 2022

Holy Week


Come and join us this Holy Week.
Raise your heart and mind in prayer 
inspired with the sacred music of 
Palestrina, Mozart, Casali, Victoria, Schubert, 
Bach and Byrd.

Masses at St Catherine's for Holy Week
Please note: 
 Easter Mass is at 8pm on Holy Saturday 
and only an 8.30am Mass on Easter day.

Palm Sunday 10th April. (Year C)
Mass at 8.30am & 10am

Monday  9.30am Mass

Tuesday 12 noon TLM Mass

Wednesday 9.30am Mass    

Maundy Thursday  
7.30pm Mass of the Lord's Supper
             Followed by watching at the Altar of Repose
             concluding at 
             9.50pm with sung Compline

Good Friday 
3pm The Passion of the Lord

Holy Saturday 
8pm The Easter Vigil & First Mass of Easter

Easter Sunday 
17th April. (Year C) 
Mass at 8.30am

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