Saturday, 14 August 2021

The grass is greener...

I've just returned from St Peter's International School in France, lending a helping hand as the college prepares for the new intake in September.  As the Covid problems become more manageable, the school is looking forward to welcoming more visitors to come and see the great work being done there. 

I'm posting these two before and after photos, taken exactly a year between one another on this day. In some ways, the front Quad doesn't look much different - though the grass is certainly greener!

Actually, in the first photo the buildings are still looking a little tatty and the place is awash with workers scrambling to get the place habitable. This year, there's a little more order and, like the avenue of miniature yew trees, a sense of order and incipient growth.

On this eve of the wonderful Feast of Our Lady's Assumption I will offer a prayer for her continuing protection for a project to provide a truly Catholic education in these days when it is needed more than ever. May I ask you to do the same for us?

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