Wednesday, 18 August 2021

Stations of the Cross



As many of you will know, the last months have seen me heavily involved as one of the co-founders, of this wonderful but challenging, new enterprise. The school grounds at St Peter's International College include a former orchard where we want to place a set of outdoor Stations of the Cross for formal use in Lent but for the boys to be able to use whenever they wish. This part of the campus is used for occasional outdoor activities but also a place where people can walk, talk or relax - and also pray. 

As well as adding a focus for the area, these beautiful Stations of the Cross in the Della Robbia style will help to Christianize the school environment and proudly proclaim our Catholic Faith. A set of outdoor Stations that is both large enough to be seen and will cope with the weather is not an easy thing to find but we hope these will be seen and used for many a year to come. Each one in this set is 20" high and the cost for the whole set is £2,500. This is quite a sum but we believe that the benefit is well worth it. 

When the site was bought just last year, the buildings were just an empty shell, so inside and out, everything has had to be sourced to help us build the school community and create a a suitable environment. Thank you for anything you might be able to give to assist us in this project. God bless you.

We are making an appeal through CrowdFunding. If you feel able to help in any way, large or small, then just click RIGHT HERE!

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