Thursday 8 July 2021

Would you like to spend a year teaching in France?

Mass offered in our chapel. 

As most readers will know, I've been heavily involved in founding a new Catholic International School for boys in France and now we have just completed our first academic year. Deo gratias! It's been quite a journey of challenges and blessings working under the shadow of all that Covid 19 has put upon us all. But we have seen our first year through and some of our VI Form boys going off to university in the autumn.

Alfresco dinning during the hot summer days
on the terrace of Sacre Couer House,
part of the Campus with gardens of orchards and grape vines.

I've spent the week taking part in zoom meetings for some of our prospective teaching staff. Most of that looks to be in the process of completion (though we're always happy to hear from other teachers who may be interested in our project). 

The hats are optional!

What we are still looking for is a young Catholic man who might like to spend just a year or so with us for teaching and other duties including sports, liturgy, cultural and academic visits, school clubs and societies etc. A great opportunity to spend a post university year improving your French, living in a truly Catholic environment, and being part of a challenging but exciting project for young Catholics, who are growing up in a world where it is now so necessary to have a firm grounding in the Faith if they are to live it out in this secular world.

Kayaking on the River Gartempe a couple of weeks ago.
I went on the river too but thankfully there are no photos!
I spent most of the time crashing into the river bank!

If you would like to know more, contact us through our website, the address is easily found there.

You can find us on Facebook as well:

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