Saturday, 24 July 2021

Gregorian Mass Bouquet


Mass of St. Gregory

by Raffaellino del Garbo 1501

in the Ringling Museum of Art, Florida.

Depicting Pope St Gregory the Great saying Mass when a vision of Christ as the Man of Sorrows has appeared on the altar in front of him, in response to the Pope's prayers for a sign to convince a doubter of the doctrine of transubstantiation .

The Chaplain at St Peter's College (along with other clergy friends of the College) is now offering the possibility of a Gregorian Mass Bouquet, as well as individual Mass intentions. This is a beautiful and practical way of supporting the spirituality and pastoral care of the College, helping to educate young men in in atmosphere permeated with the riches of our Catholic Faith.

Gregorian Masses are a series of Holy Masses traditionally offered on 30 consecutive days for a deceased loved one. They are offered for one individual soul.

The custom of offering Gregorian Masses for a particular soul recognizes that few people are immediately ready for heaven after death, and that, through the infinite intercessory power of Christ’s sacrifice, made present in Holy Mass, a soul can be continually perfected in grace and enabled to enter finally into the union with the Most Holy Trinity – our God, Who is Love Itself.

Gregorian Masses take their name from Saint Gregory the Great, who was sovereign Pontiff from 590 to 604. St. Gregory the Great contributed to the spread of the pious practice of having these Masses celebrated for the deliverance of the souls from purgatory. In his Dialogues, he tells us that he had Masses on thirty consecutive days offered for the repose of the soul of Justus, a monk who had died in the convent of St. Andrew in Rome. At the end of the thirtieth Mass, the deceased appeared to one of his fellow monks and announced that he had been delivered from the flames of Purgatory.

If you would like to have a Mass bouquet offered, you can do so through the College website:

College Community — Saint Peter's International College, France (

Click on "Foundation" and a drop down menu will appear for Mass Intentions.

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