Monday, 7 August 2017

Saint Cajetan

In the old calendar today is the feast of St Cajetan. I have started using Dom Prosper Guaranger's "Liturgical Year". A wonderful set of books with most uplifting commentaries for the saints and feasts of the year. St Cajetan's "Life" tells us that: 
"He was a great promoter of assiduity at the divine worship,
of the beauty of the House of God,
of exactness in holy ceremonies..."
An example to us all, secular or Religious in these days when such desires seem so unfashionable in so many church circles.

The commentary notes that, "the science of Sacred Rites owes much to his sons". Not least to the Cardinal, St Giuseppe Maria Tomasi, whose splendid memorial can still be seen in the church of St Andrea Della Valle in Rome. (Who sadly dies after the rigours of a long papal liturgy on a freezing Christmas eve brought on pneumonia!)

St Tomasi's shrine.

St Cajetan, pray for us.
St Giuseppe Maria Tomasi, pray for us.

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