Monday, 21 August 2017

Conference, Mary and Martyrdom at Chavagnes Studium

 The College Chaplain, Fr Mark Lawler, 
celebrates a Mass of Mary Immaculate in the college chapel, 
assisted by students of the College.

“The sorrowing mother: an eternal theme of the human imagination”,
a talk by Ferdi McDermott. 

“The Marian Devotion of Father Frederick William Faber”, 
a talk presented by Father Sebastian Jones, Cong Orat.
from the Oratory in formation in Cardiff.

“The martyrs of the Vendée”,
 a talk presented by Mr Louis Mabille.

On that note, just this week Cardinal Sarah has been visiting the Venée and gave a powerful sermon on just this topic. The Studium and Conference are hopeful that the Cardinal may pay a return visit next year to the Vendée to take part in the Conference.

Anyone who would like to be kept informed of the Conference details for next year (around about 30th July - 3 August 2018) can do so by e-mailing the Headmaster at:

The proposed topic is Europe and the Faith, so that should lead in some interesting directions. 

“The Sufferings of Mary in the Liturgy”, 
a talk presented by Mr Gerhard Eger,
lecturer at Maison de Formation St Alberto Hurtado
in the south of France.

Many of the participants from last year returned again this time 
to meet up with friends old and new.

“Seven Swords: The Virgin Mary in the Poetry of G.K. Chesterton”, 
a talk presented by Father Mark Lawler

Fr Leo Daley gave a fascinating talk on "The Madonna and Child with Saint Anne" , painted between 1605 and 8 April 1606, when a final payment to Caravaggio was recorded, for the Confraternity of Sant' Anna dei Palafrenieri, or Grooms, of the Vatican Palace. The composition depicts Christ and the Virgin treading simultaneously on the serpent of heresy, watched by the Virgin's mother, St. Anne, who was the patron saint of the Palafrenieri.

 “A liturgy for laymen: A study of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary”,
a talk presented by Mr Anthony Dickinson. During the week we sang the Little Office in the Father Baudouin memorial chapel (one of three chapels on the site) built over the place of the Venerable Fr Baudouin's house.

The chapel dedicated to the memory of the Venerable Louis Marie Baudouin,
founder of the college, originally as a seminary in 1802.

Fr Leo Daley presides as we chant the Little Office of Our Lady.

The Gothic pediment over the door of the chapel depicts Ven. Fr Baudouin teaching the boys of the seminary.

 We were provided with some excellent meals in the French style 
in the splendid Refectory.

 On another evening, dinner was a barbecue in the gardens, where some of the college boys helping out got into the spirit of things. By the by, congratulations to this young Spanish student, who has just attained a A* in his English O Level. 

A very sociable Conference!

 Included in the Conference were some visits to local attractions with a Catholic association.
Here on a visit to Le Château de la Chabotterie, (castle and museum dedicated to the Vendée counter-revolution).

We also visited Mont des Alouettes. A hill on which once stood eight windmills but where just two now remain. These were used during the Vendée wars to signal enemy movements. There is a chapel on the site as well, commemorating those who fell defending the Vendée for King and Faith. I want to say a "small chapel" for such it is and yet it is also rather grandiose, especially the entrance portal.

A charming rendition of the site by Vendéan artist,Raphael Toussaint.

We celebrated a Requiem Mass there -  Missa Cantata, 
which drew in some surprised passing visitors.

A few of the Conference goers.

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