Sunday, 21 May 2017

Traditional Confirmations in the Archdiocese


Archbishop Malcolm McMahon presided at Confirmations at St Mary's, Warrington, recently, administering the Sacrament in the Traditional Form. 

How times change! Not so long ago, this would have been thought impossible here in the Archdiocese. It's good to see all parts of the Church community being catered for and warmly welcomed. Such a welcome enables the FSSP Fathers to take part in the life of the Archdiocese; it's always good to see them at diocesan functions. Thus, those looking after the Extraordinary Form are now an ordinary part of the Diocese, which, to my mind, is how it should be.

Some more photographs can be viewed on the FSSP Flickr site.


David O'Neill said...

Hi Fr Simon. You are so lucky in your archdiocese to have Archbishop Malcolm as your pastor & the FSSP Fathers to help you. God bless you all. Let us hope that other dioceses (especially ours) might be equally blessed

Anonymous said...

Good morning Fr Henry, can you please let me know if you will be celebrating Mass on Ascension Thursday in the beautiful extraordinary form of Mass at 19:00?
Thanks very much, Andrew Hardman