Friday, 5 May 2017

Do you want to be Extraordinary? Come and learn!

Any priests, deacons and religious welcome!
Next Clergy Day: Wednesday 10th May 2017

1pm Lunch at nearby restaurant (meet at St Mary's, Warrington at 1pm and walk there together)
2pm Coffee, and 40mins Talk on 'Avoiding Priestly Apostasy'. It happened to some better than us. No apostate priest means to deny Christ from the start. It begins with agreeing on mere formalities. Just a little step... Fr Armand de Malleray, FSSP will illustrate 12 practical steps endangering and eventually uprooting the fidelity of priests to Christ and His Church. 

Should you wish to arrive earlier to pray: Church open from 11am, with Rosary at 11.30am and Confessions from 11.40am, followed by Mass at 12.10pm.

Liturgical Training
There will also be the opportunity for priests and seminarians to have one-to-one training in offering Holy Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Sessions are available at 11am, 12noon (memorial chapel) and 3pm. Please book in advance to be sure.

Venue for the above: St Mary's Warrington, car park accessed via Smith Street, WA1 2NS


David O'Neill said...

Pray that many priests & seminarians attend!!

Neil Addison said...

A very good intiative by the FSSP, they certainly have got themselves well established in the Diocese within a short time.

What I have found interesting when “Ordinary” Priests write about attending courses in the EF is that they all say that it affects how they say the OF. That to my mind is what we really need since I do not see any realistic chance of a mass (no pun intended) return to the EF but there can and should be major changes in how the OF is said. The OF said in the EF form, Ad Orientum with Chant etc, is where we ought to be heading. That of course is what you offer Father and what the Oratorians and the Ordinariate offfer Between you all you show that the OF can be a beautiful and reverent experience.