Sunday 9 October 2016

New Vestment

 I was presented with a new vestment this from the altar servers and young people of the parish morning, which is lovely - all the way from Poland, I think. It is my Silver Jubilee of Ordination later this week, when we are celebrating in fine style with High Mass in the presence of Archbishop Malcolm but today was a surprise organised as an event for just the parish family to celebrate.

  My thanks to everyone and especially our musical director, Anthony, who arranged for a little Schola to come and sing at the 10am Mass. Unusually for us here, an English Mass setting today - the Festival Setting of the Eucharist in C by John Ireland, which was rather nice. We also rejoiced in  Arcadelt's Ave Maria and Elgar's Ave Verum, as well as a couple of Newman's great hymns in recognition of his feast day. Thanks to the singers - Emma, Dean, Lynn and Anthony and to David Scott-Thomas as visiting organist, making our organ (with new speakers) sound really terrific.

A blast from the past. Ordination 25 years ago by Archbishop Derek Worlock at English Martyrs parish in Litherland.

Some photos from the Mass this morning.  
Not taking a leaf out of Blessed John Henry's book, with his notoriously long sermons, a very short sermon today on Newman.


 Presentation of the vestment and picture after Mass.

 Blessing the new vestment.

And the splendid picture of St Catherine.


David O'Neill said...

What a beautiful vestment!! You are fortunate to have such a caring congregation. Ad Multos Annos!!!

Zephyrinus said...

Ad Multos Annos, Fr.

Many congratulations and Thank You for your Priesthood.

Deo Gratias.

Jacobi said...

Congratulations Father. We rely on and increasingly need priests like you.