Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Mother Marie Adele Garnier, the foundress of the Tyburn Nuns, cause for Canonisation

I see from news reports today that Mother Marie Adele Garnier, the foundress of the Tyburn Nuns, is to have her cause for canonisation opened in Rome. The Catholic Times has a report. One of my favourite spiritual writers,  Blessed Columba Marmion wrote to one of her spiritual daughters, saying, “The special characteristic of your Mother is heroic confidence in the midst of impossibilities.” 

If "By their fruits you shall know them" holds true, her heroic confidence continues, as in a time of decreasing Religious vocations, I think they now have eight daughter houses founded from Tyburn. Heroic confidence in our own times is perhaps also a grace we are all in need of! Perpetual adoration is one of the works that the Sisters are engaged in, so perhaps that has kept them on the receiving end of so many graces.

The Martyrs altar in the crypt of the convent, 
shaped as a replica of the gallows - the Tyburn Tree.
The original site is just a hundred yards or so away form the Convent. Although it is marked with a plaque in the paving, it is marooned on the hugely bust traffic island opposite Marble Arch. It would be a great improvement and cause for celebration if the London authorities could find a way to make it more accessible.

FATHER, all-powerful & ever-living God,
we give you glory, praise and thanks for the life and virtue
of your beloved daughter, Marie Adele Garnier.

Filled with the riches of your grace
and preferring nothing to the love
of the Heart of Jesus Christ,
she devoted her whole life
to the adoration, praise and glory of your Name;

she sacrificed herself by prayer and penance
for the unity & holiness of your Church;
she loved her neighbour with a charity
full of humility and compassion.

Above all, she found the SUN of her life in the Holy Mass,
and so was consumed with zeal for liturgical worship
and Eucharistic adoration, and abandoned herself with all her heart
to your most Holy Will in all things.

In your mercy Lord, hearken to our prayer
"Glorify your Servant Mother Marie Adele Garnier,
that your Servant may glorify YOU".

We ask you this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son
who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, world without end.  AMEN.

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