Sunday, 25 September 2016

In hock to the devil


Two depressing stories of great powers in the world whose appalling record on the human rights - allegedly held in such high honour by western secular governments - is ignored, I guess for the sake of filthy lucre (cf Titus 1:11.  For there are also many disobedient, vain talkers, and seducers who must be reproved, who subvert whole houses, teaching things which they ought not, for filthy lucre' s sake.)  I presume that buying oil and selling coca cola justifies the turning of blind eyes. 

EWTN carries this story about 27 Lebanese Maronite Christians, including women and children, who have been deported for celebrating the feast of the Assumption of Our Lady in their home. This in a country where Muslims converting to Christianity can be punished by death. Christians make up about 3% of the Saudi population. Where any Muslim, not just the religious police, has the right to take away any Christian religious object or symbol from Christians, such as Bibles, rosaries or crosses. Read the full report HERE.

The Catholic Herald reports the story of the trade in human organs in China, horrifically  carried out as part of punishment for those who disagree with its communist government. thousands of prisoners of conscience – potentially including unregistered “house church” Christians – are strapped to operating tables and cut apart by force. Their vital organs are then extracted and sold for use as transplants.


O Mary, merciful Refuge of Sinners and Mother of all mankind! Behold how many souls are lost every hour! Behold how countless millions of those who live in barbarous regions do not yet know Our Lord Jesus Christ! See, too, how many others are far from the bosom of Mother Church which is Catholic, Apostolic, and Roman! O Mary ... life of our hearts ... let not the Precious Blood and fruits of Redemption be lost for so many souls!

Grant that a ray of Heavenly light may shine forth to enlighten those many blinded understandings and to enkindle so many cold hearts. Intercede with thy Divine Son, and obtain grace for all pagans, heretics, and schismatics in the whole world to receive supernatural light and to enter with joy into the bosom of the true Church. Hear the confident prayer of the Supreme Pontiff that all nations may be united in one faith, that they may know and love Jesus Christ, the blessed fruit of thy womb ... And then all men shall love thee also, thou who art the salvation of the world, arbiter and dispenser of the treasures of God . . . And, glorifying thee, O Queen of Victories, who, by means of thy Rosary, dost trample upon all heresies, they shall acknowledge that thou givest life to all nations, since there must be a fulfillment of the prophecy: "All generations shall call me blessed." Amen.

-----Pope Pius XI


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Your link to EWTN doesn't seem to work, Father. This one does, I think.

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Fr Simon Henry said...

Thanks Senex. Amended -I hope.