Saturday 14 May 2016

One Million Views

Sometime overnight the blog received its millionth view. So if you are a midnight reader, it might have been you (or an early riser in Russia - for some mysterious reason, hits from Russia have been particularly high this last month or so).

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but a millions views are worth... well, nothing in monetary value but a great deal in the encouragement I've received, new friends made and the knowledge that its been of help and interest to some -  as well as annoying others (usually anonymous) "stop your evil blog". 

I receive occasional phone calls out of the blue. The most memorable one from a young priest in Canada who telephoned just to say thank you, as he had been struggling with opposition in his parish/diocese. I was  once surprised, when walking into a restaurant in Prague, to be greeted most warmly by someone who recognised me from the blog! 

Of course, in terms of the internet today, a million hits isn't actually very many but considering I didn't actually mean to start a blog, its been an interesting and mostly rewarding ministry (which is sort of how I think of it now). It began as a means of posting online some footage of a Mass celebrated here at St Catherine's so that others could have access to it. Things liturgical have continued to be its main focus - greatly inspired by our beautiful Holy Father emeritus, Pope Benedict.

So this is a little opportunity to say thank you to all those who read this blog; thank you for your encouragement and for the friendships that it has engendered - and keep reading!


Luke said...

God bless you, father. Many of those views must have been from me, since I check your blog every day for your posts and the blogs you've linked down the side. It's not quite the same as being there in person, but it's great that I can keep up to date from abroad.

Zephyrinus said...

Dear Fr.

Congratulations on your million hits and thank you for your excellent Blog and Liturgical instruction.

Reference Russia, you are not alone. Zephyrinus Blog has also been "inundated" with Russian "visits" in the last month or so. This happened last year, as well. After a month, all Russian visits disappear for another year.

Perhaps Mr Putin is seeking to convert to Traditional Catholic Liturgy ?

Please God.

in Domino.