Tuesday 3 May 2016

O Beauty so ancient, O Beauty so new.

I have been given access to some more photographs from the York Pilgrimage, 
courtesy of John Aron. 
He must have a fabulous camera - as well as a good eye. 
Here are a few of my favourites.
You can see many more of the Mass and Pilgrimage at John's drop box.
Do go and have a look at them.

 Carried away at sermon time 
- and, yes, I know, I forgot to remove the maniple 
and my biretta didn't arrive. 
Ironically, the sermon was on the imperfections of the Church!

 Subdeacon at prayer

 Deacon at prayer

 Father needs help dressing and undressing!

 Priest at prayer.

I have said the sacred ministers are "at prayer" because even in the midst of an unfamiliar sanctuary, trying to remember all the rules for High Mass and nervous before a new congregation, the Traditional Form does lend itself to prayer. The music, the setting of the magnificent Church, the beauty of the form of the Rite - all these tell you to pray. All focus on the Other, all give time and space that tells you: "What am I meant to be doing just now? Oh yes, praying!"

If I might use some of the words of St Augustine and apply them to the Holy Mass:

O Beauty so ancient, 
O Beauty so new. 

You have called, 
you have cried, 
and you have pierced my deafness. 
You have radiated forth, 
you have shined out brightly, 
and you have dispelled my blindness. 
You have sent forth your fragrance, 
and I have breathed it in, 
and I long for you. 
I have tasted you, 
and I hunger and thirst for you. 
You have touched me, 
and I ardently desire your peace. 

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David O'Neill said...

Gret picks & a reminder of past years when I attended & served